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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 16, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2m a tragic accident has claimed the life of a little girl who wandered away perfect her family and apparently fell into a peninsula waterway. good evening, i'm ken wayne. hello everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> an outpouring of emotion. where that 3-year-old die adn her family and neighborhood are in mourning after the little girl drown in the san mateo lagoon. eric rasmussen is there live where neighbors held a vigil for the little girl. >> reporter: this drowning has simply stunned people who live off of the day avenue.
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like you said, police say this little girl wandered away from her family's home and somehow fell into the lagoon that you see here. as we pan up along the shoreline, you can see candles that neighbors set out for her tonight. we learned it was a neighbor who first came upon the girl in the water this afternoon, but by then, we are told, it was already too late. as police tried to console family members of a 3-year-old girl who drowned in the san mateo lagoon, neighbors struggled to come to grips with what happened? >> terrible. devastating and they were always, you know, they were always -- the two girls were always together. >> reporter: this time, police think the little girl wandered away on her own. gross says this is where emergency crews pulled girl from the water not long after the family reported her missing after 4:00 this afternoon. plus, say they were unable to revive her. >> they thought she might have been looking into the water
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over here and may have fall in and they brought her out here. >> i have three kids of my own and i don't know what i would do. >> reporter: the news was especially disturbing for this mom at a gathering with children nearby. >> it can take a second. anything can happen. you never know. >> reporter: as police continue to piece together exactly what happened, this neighbor says her thoughts are with the parents. >> come on? 3-year-old kid, they are gone in a minute. you can't blame the parents for that. oh, my god, the rest of their life is just going to be hell. >> reporter: and again, in last 30 minutes or so a few neighbors came together for a candlelight vigil for this little girl. and also about an hour ago, i briefly got a chance to speak with the girl's father off- camera e. did not want to talk about what happened. he only told me she had the most beautiful smile you will ever see. live in san mateo, eric rasmussen. ktvu channel 2 news. two girls were airlifted to
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the hospital today in what authorities are calling the freak water accident in east contra costa county. the girls were playing in water near the discovery bay yacht harbor when authorities say a hydro foil suddenly broke apart and struck them. one girl was hit in the head and other in the shoulder. their injuries are not considered serious. the harbor master says lots of people in and around water this time of year, everyone must play close attention. >> be aware of your surroundings. slow down, especially when you see a skier or wakeboarder in the water. just pay attention. >> the person riding the hydro foil was not injured. the contra costa sheriff's offices is investigating the accident. we don't have to tell you it was hot today and, in fact, in some parts of bay area it was sweltering with temperatures reaching as high as 106 degrees. ktvu's noelle walker found out how people tried to stay cool. >> reporter: when the heatwave is visible not just on the bank sign, but
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actually visible only the tv you know it's hot. hot like mother nature turned her hair drier on high. i'm wondering if your hair is going to stay in this weather. >> it is going to stay in this weather because she put a lot of good product on it. >> reporter: on this scorcher of a day, best not to worry about the hair and just get wet. if there is a cure for 100- degree heat it involves water. from a dip in the pool at walnut creek to water world california in concord, the amusement park was bursting with crowds. >> with kids out of school and triple-digit temperatures you will have crowds. same story at pinnacle beach in oakland. >> a lot of kids and a lot of people. >> reporter: the ducks have the right idea. twice the crowd flocked to the beach for twins theo and ingrid, their first trip to the urban pool. however, you beat the heat, you were cooler than this hot dog
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and this one, too. garcia's job required him to wear a hot dog snugy on a 103- degree day. >> very hot hot dog. >> reporter: oh, to be a kid again. >> you have to have a bathing suit on to get wet. >> reporter: if you don't have the luxury, the good news is that the cooling trend starts tomorrow. it's expected to be 10 degrees cooler. in walnut creek the heat couldn't stop these people from celebrating graduation day. however, this woman grabbed a small electronic fan, aas she put it to blow that hot air around. >> temperatures soared around the bay area. in downtown san josi, can you see there the brown, dry hills in the background. temperatures in san josi and the south bay flirted with the triple-digits today. to the north sweltering temperatures spanned much of marin county and san ramon reached the upper 90. how hot was it where you
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lived? >> ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now. >> evening this morning between 9:00 and 10:00 a few neighborhoods warming into the 90s, a pretty gazillion signs that the temperatures will warm up into triple-digit temperature. you with can soot 100 plus readings towards vallejo, concord, antioch and livermore and san francisco, 86 degrees this afternoon. speaking of the rapid warmer. look at livermore at 10:00, 93 degrees. by 1:00, 102 and then by 4:00, 106 degrees. all of this happening because the warm, hot air for the inland valleys being transported closer to the bay and even san francisco warmed up nicely into the 80s this afternoon. right now though we have a bit of a change out there. more of anon shore breeze. nothing too strong, but winds gusting to 11 miles per hour out the south-southwest,
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cooling off the cool spots and bayside locations. fairfield at 78 degrees. concord, 82, san josi 82 degrees and mount view right now still in the upper 70s. still pretty warm for this 10:00 hour. coming up we'll let you know if we have triple-digit heated in the bay area and the one area that cools off 16 degrees from today's warm readings. thank you, mark. >> a brush fire has tripled inside during the past hours. the fire is south of interstate county between beaumont and san jacinto. it has grown to 2000 acres since this afternoon. steady winds have fed that fire. right now though there are no homes threatened and no evacuations are being ordered. a fire in el dorado county came dangerously close to homes this afternoon. the fire was first reported around 2:45 and burning on a hillside east of the folsom lake.
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the fire burned one out building, but no homes were damaged and no one was injured. all of the fire burned 10 acres. that massive wildfire burning in north colorado has now destroyed a record number of homes. at last count 181 homes were lost to the flames. 1500 firefighters are now attacking the fire burning west of the fort collins? a. the lightning-caused fire is thought to have killed a 26- year-old woman whose body was found in her cabin. tonight that fire is just 20% contained and firefighters say full containment could be weeks away. fire officials in alameda county say a grass fryer grass fire charred about 60 acres in a area south of sunol. the blaze was fully contained by this morning. nobody was hurt and no structures were damaged. the cause of the fire is under
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investigation. for up-to-the-minute weather information including your five-day forecast, you can visit and click on the weather tab. oakland police were called out tonight to investigator reports of a man with a gun on a roof. the accident happened on garden street near east 27th street. police searched the area for the man. witnesses say eventually three people were arrested. there are no reports of any injuries. also in oakland tonight the search for the person behind a quadruple shooting. the gunfire broke out in the fruitvale area. someone approached on foot and opened fire. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene there. is no word on a minutive. police in fremont are investigating a shooting early
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this morning that injured a woman. it happened a home on sundale drive near logan drive before 2:00 this morning. police say the woman was not seriously injured. so far no arrested have been made and police haven't said what the motive may have been. some east bay residents are still complaining of a chemical odor coming from a contra costa county refinery. officials say a tank released hydrogen sulfide yesterday morning at the conocophillips refinery in rodeo. we received calls and emails from people in vallejo and benicia who can still smell the odor. authorities say hydrogen sulfide is not dangerous in low consent traces, but those with respiratory problems should remain indoors or avoid the area. ktvu's patti lee tells us it was a surprise that required at least 100 people to keep a secret for weeks. >> reporter:
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patriot guard riders got ready to give a hero's welcome returning home. this group has participated in 150 homecoming ceremonies, but tonight was different. >> it is going to be his happy father's day surprise. >> reporter: blue star mom lilliania ramos kept her voice low so her husband domingo would not find out that the soldier they were welcoming home was none other than their son. >> i told him it would be fun to ride with the bikers. >> reporter: later that evening, senior airman carlos ramos walked off the plane and got within a few feet of his dad before the realization hit. >> holy [ bleep ] [ laughter ] even though everyone in this crowd knew about the surprise they managed to keep it a secret for two weeks. >> i shot mom a text which was hey, i have a great father's day surprise. and that was essentially how it all came about. >> you saw the words i said --
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yes, i got go. >> reporter: for domingo ramos the shock has not quite worn off, since his son he didn't expect to see until christmas had made it home in time to celebrate father's day tomorrow. patti lee ktvu, channel 2 news. dozened forces out after a apartment fire burlingame and why the red cross is concern there may not be enough hotel rooms. and why the opening of this new park in vallejo brought out this protest. . also presidential candidates head to florida. the voting bloc that they are vying for. the 10:00 news continues in just 90 seconds.
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. a water-main break in benicia had police scrambling to deal with traffic dieups and flooding. a sinkhole friend interstate 770 to 7th street and southampton road. the last word from transportation officials was that the ramp would stay closed all night. we're following some developing news for you right now out of oakland. police are on the scene of what appears to be a fatal hit-and- run. we want to take you live to the scene in oakland. the incident happened during the last half-hour or so on 61st avenue. now police received reports of
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an altercation occurring at this location and they say when officers arrived they found a body in the street. witnesses say it was a hit-and- run. right now as you can see from the live pictures police are looking at this white suv that may have been damaged by the suspected hit-and-run driver. the driver of that vehicle, no suspect information on that driver has been made available to us. we will of course be following this for you and bring you more information, should it become available in mornings on 2 we'll definitely have the latest on this apparent hit-and- run, fatal hit-and-run happening tonight in oakland. dozens of people are homeless tonight after a fire burned through an apartment complex in burlingame. ktvu's allie rasmus explains why the red cross has been struggling to find temporary housing for the victims. >> reporter: flames engulfed a home in the complex in barrel geometry. the fire started at 11:00 and within minutes neighbors called for help. >> i start is to see the fire grow very intense really fast. >> reporter:
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the fire started on the third floor and you can see k-still see the damage from the window and balcony. the flames were limited to two units on the third floor, but the smoke and water damage is throughout the building. >> when we opened the door there was so much smoke coming out. >> reporter: a traumatic experience for this 10-year-old, her mind racing with questions as she ran out of building. >> are we going to live or not? what about my dog? my bad, what if he can't get out? but everything is okay. >> reporter: the fire, smoke and water damage forced the family and at least 50 other people out of their homes. 15 people had to spend the title knight in the apartment clubhouse. the red cross scrambled to find housing. >> it's been quite hard, because a lot of motels that we usually use are completely booked up. >> reporter: this was the third apartment fire in san mateo county nast ten days. before last night's fire the red cross was trying to find housing for 60 others displaced
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by fire in redwood city. >> in this county we have have trouble finding hotel and motel rooms a lot of time. i think we have a high occupancy rate here. >> reporter: if there are any more fires in san mateo county this week, woods said the red cross will open up a shelter to house everyone. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. spectacular fire in san francisco's hunters point neighborhood overnight. destroyed a big housing project that was under construction. the fire was reported at 4:00 a.m. and crews put it out in just over an hour. it required so much water that nearby water mains had to be shut down. no injuries were report. a san francisco firefighter killed last year in a house fire is rememberedded to. coming up in 18 minutes how the legendary of vincent perez will help students. a restaurant re-opened after a norovirus outbreak
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prompted officials to shut it down. the health department temporary closed the california pizza kitchen yesterday after test conversation firmed three customers and two employees had norovirus. least 20 people reported getting sick earlier this month. health officials aloud the restaurant to re-open after it underwent a thorough cleaning and inspection. city officials in san francisco say they plan to issue more parking tickets to help close the nearly $20 million budget gap. the city's transportation director says newly hired parking enforcement officers will target drivers who park illegally in residential areas. the extra enforcement is expected to help the metropolitan transportation commission issue an additional $6.5 million in citations over the next two years. it was a good, but tough day for tiger woods at the u.s. open. he says the course at san francisco's olympic club is not one where he expects a lot of birdies, but he keeps plotting along. he lost won the u.s. open in
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2008 before personal problems diverted his career. enthusiastic crowds watched all the action today. we'll have full details on u.s. open results coming up in sportswrap. anyl african-american sailing group suing for the right to compete in next year's america's cup, which is taking place in the bay area. african-american diaspora maritime wants a chance to represent the u.s. against the oracle team. a spokesperson says he wanted to integrate sailing a sport he says really needs integration. the golden gate yacht club says the group lacks the needed funds and that an underfunded team might pose a danger in the water. in 2012 election news mitt romney predicts he will win a battleground state. >> when we win pennsylvania and take back the white house, we're going to do what america needs which is to get us off the track to become like europe
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with big debts and with an economic setting which which is a potential calamity. >> romney is touring six battleground states. so far has focused on economic issues and tomorrow he will travel through ohio. in his weekly address president obama called on congress to pass a series of bills he or he says will put america back to work. >> congress should pass a bill to put thousands of police officers and teachers back on the job and should have passed a job a long time ago to put construction workers back to work. >> mr. obama also says congress should extend tax credits for clean-energies, nor keep
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manufacturers to keep 40,000 employed. latinos make up the fastest- growing group of voters in the u.s., with 12 million estimated to go to the polls in november. the national association of latino elected officials will hold its conference in orlando. romney is scheduled to speak on thursday and the president on friday. , it will be a chance for both candidates to gage reaction to mr. obama's move to halt deportation action against young immigrant nyse a. a waterfront park re-opened today in the north bay to both praise and criticism. christien kafton was in vallejo and explains the controversy. >> reporter: native-american protesters gathered outside of the newly remodeled glen cove park. protesters said the new parking lot sits on sacred land. last year dozens occupied the park, leaving only when the
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greater vallejo district agreed to modify plans. protesters say say they were duped. >> what they were supposed to do is not put bathrooms,. they were only to have two handicapped parking spots and now have seven and weren't supposed to grade the hill where her ancestor's remains were at. >> reporter: just 30 yards from the protests, celeb rants cheered the opening the park and says it opens the area to the public helping everyone. thresay this area will be planted with native species which should flourish by next year. salvadori from the greatest recreation district says the park was carefully designed to protect native-american sites. >> that specifically specified in the cultural easement spiritual events by native- americans can occur here. >> reporter: native-american protesters tell me they will return to the site every year on this date they say to remind the city of
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broken promises. in vallejo, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. tragedy today at a radiohead concert. a stage collapsed in toronto leave ones person dead and several others injured and why investigators say weather was not a factor in the collapse. the reason why un observers say they wouldn't carry out their mission to mount vernon syria's unrest. we still have 70s and 80s across parts of the bay area at the 10:00 area. coming up, neighbors that cool over 10 degrees tomorrow and the fog that will bring in cooler air. we have our bay area forecast.
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . a stage collapse in toronto today killed a rock concert worker and injured at least three others. the collapse happened about an hour before fans of group radiohead were to come through the gates. investigators won't say yes what happened. the weather though was good with no heavy winds the. radiohead canceled the concert, but other tour dates are
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apparently going on. >> the head of the un mission to syria announced its too dangerous for un observers to carry out their mission and suspending their patrols. as joe piazza reports it's a severe block to international efforts to keep syria from spiraling into an all out civil war. >> reporter: a new bombardment amid fears of syria's descent into civil war. >> innocent civilians, men, women and children are being killed everyday. it also poses a significant risk to observers. >> reporter: 298 military observers and 112 civilian staff all part of the mission have been trying to curb the violence. the observers are to stare in their current patrols
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and cease patrols. the general says the violence has prevented the monitors from carrying out their mandates to oversee un envoy kofi annan's cease-fire. it's been widely ignored. citizens have been fired upon by attack helicopters, hovering over towns and cities. many hundreds of people, including civilians, rebels and government forces have been killed in the two months since the cease-fire deal was brokered. the un says at least 10,000 people have died since prodemocracy protests began in march of 2011. activists have a much higher estimate. in new york, joy piazza, fox news. in potential news of the world in egypt voters want to the polls to cast votes.
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runoff election pits a former hosni mubarak loyalast against a a mib of the museum brotherhood. it cream a day after the islamic-led parliament was dissolved. in iraq one bomb recommend through a crowd of people carring symbolic coffins and mourning the death of an 8th century saint. three days ago about two dozen bombs exploded around iraq killing 7people. there are concerns that the bombings are the work of al- qaida-al lied sunni militant. police in ohio are investigating why a woman drove into eye crowd, injuring 25 people. it happened in lima's town square. it sent some into the air and others underneath.
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accused molester jerry sandusky is expected to undergo a psychiatric examination that is meant to help his defense. the former penn state assistant football coach won a ruling for histrionic condition. the trial resumes monday. who has what it takes? thousands lined up today for the their shot at stardom. the talent show in town this weekend looking for the next better thing. remembering a fallen san francisco hero and how the legacy of a effort killed in action is helping barack students.
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. a little bit of television glamour came to oakland today
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as the x-factor was taping at oracle arena. >> that was britney. thousands made their way to oakland to see the taping and for some, the big draw is the judges, including britney spears and demi lovato, who joined simon cowell and l.a. reid. >> it was the performances of all the different people trying out. >> the tapers happen twice a day through monday. unfortunately tickets are not longer available, but you can sign up to be on wait list ot the x-factor website. for more on the x-factor auditions, including a slide show, visit and visit photos. hundreds gathers at lake merritt in oakland to raise money for hiv/aids. walkers got warmed up with many
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music and tansing at the 6th annual east bay aids work. >> this is about the quality of life. this is with b-care, treat and making sure everyone gets tested so we can begin to turn this around. this is an increasing rate of infections in our county, especially in the african- american community and we have got to tackle this in a big way. >> 100% of the donations from today's walk goes to help fighted a and provides support for programs in alameda and contra costa counties. b.a.r.t. board member bob franklin is giving up his seat and bid for a spot on the oakland city council to take a job with bart. franklin is slated to become the manager of access for bart and will oversee programs relating to how commuters get to bart stations. franklin said he decided to drop out of city council race because his new position with bart wouldn't leave him enough time to devote to council work. a rally at lakeview
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yesterday turned into the sit- in and apparently spent the night to protest the closure of that school and four others. they had planned to stay indefinitely, but they are gone tonight. the district plans to shut down the school in the fall and relocate more than a dozen teachers and about 300 students. a scholarship fund new honors a san francisco firefighter killed last year while battling a house fire. lieutenant vincent perez has a scholarship in his name. perez' younger brother said the school was very important to his family and while loved ones are honored about the scholarship, they say it's been more than their brother. >> it's about the heroes everyday, the men and women in uniform, be it the military or our fire department here in san francisco or where i work, the island police department. it's about the sacrifices that
10:35 pm
they make everyday. >> a raffle was held and the grand prize was a harley- davidson motorcycle. a fire also claimed the life of effort and paramedic anthony valerio. >> also will the triple dig heat continue? ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with when we might see a change in the temperature.
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. well, today the warmest day, the hottest day of 2012 so
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far with temperatures soaring above the triple-digit mark to 105-106 degrees. outside we till have mostly clear skies and warm to hot numbers for this 10:00 hour, approaching 11:00. i can show you this on live stormtracker 2. right now it's 87 degrees at this 10:00 hour, livermore and 82 in concord. some neighborhoods warm in the south bay, san josi in the low 80s. san francisco lower 60s and 80s in the north bay. santa rosa reporting mostly clear skies and 74 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, mostly clear skies. tomorrow the cooling trend begins, but it will still be hot. we're still talking about the 90s. the extent of the fog comes back and really cools us off. you will see that in the five- day forecast. overnight lows for your sunday morning in the 50s to 60s.
10:39 pm
san francisco 56 degrees. san josi on the warm side, 64 and fairfield in the mid-60s and fog near the immediate shoreline. temperatures today of course soaring back into the 80s, 90s, topping 100 degrees. everybody cools off tomorrow. look at san francisco. today topped out 86 and tomorrow we'll cool you down to 70 degrees. and concord come backs down into the 90s. of course this was the setup for tomb. strong high pressure coupled with a pretty good offshore breeze warmed up the entire region. temperatures tomorrow come down 10-15 degrees from today's highs and this is just the beginning. as you can see into mon, monday, temperatures bottom out and a little tweak in the numbers by tuesday and wednesday. our forecast model updated showing you some patchy fog
10:40 pm
regrouping first thing tomorrow morning. then we'll take this into the morning hours with the iso therms. this is the triple-digit marks. the other extreme coast side, major cooling in the 60s to right around 70. >> forecasted highs, fairfield 92. still hot in livermore, 9degrees. oakland mid-70s. san josi out of 90s and going with the upper 80s and san francisco 70s. and patchy fog will be a factor for the morning hours. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view and heather and ken, if it was too hot today, the folk come backs to save us. you can see especially by monday and tuesday. >> thank you, mark. it was a beautiful day
10:41 pm
today for the annual north beach festival in san francisco. ♪[ music ] >> lucky enough to be serrannaded by italian music. it was warm out so the beverage garden was a popular spot with the cold beer and other drinks. lots of food, crafts and street art for sale. the phoenix runs tomorrow from 10 a.m. to tomorrow. >> a robbic face plane ladies and genelemenned by the government a year ago is now back on earth. x-37b landed at vanddenberg air force base. the air force is getting ready for another launch from florida sometime this fall. coming up next, the a's get a boost from some local stars in their battle against the padres. the third round of the u.s. open these ups and downs.
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we'll have complete highlights. sportswrap is next. zñzñzñtgtgçwoç'c'cz
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. well, two of the previous four u.s. opens held at the olympic club went to a monday playoff. in this current one has all the makings of another special inning, but tiger woods may have just shot himself out of the tournament. the weather has been ideal for scoring and fans packed the lake course. first-round leader michael thompson shot 4 under 66, the best round in the tournament so far. he shout


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